Useful TLAs

Published by Neil
On 13-May-20

Would like to know more about TLA? Check it out Useful TLAs

The term TLA amuses me as it stands for Three Letter Acronym which it is of course.

There are myriad abbreviations and acronyms in the IT/Cyber world and especially at NATO.

As NATO are an important client for us, we thought it would be useful to produce (and maintain) a guide to them for you – see . We cannot possibly be a dictionary for the whole of the IT world of course, so will limit this to terms – mainly technical – that are used in job ads and life at NATO.

My wife and I have laughed at each other’s language (she is a nurse) as sometimes there are clashes of acronyms, e.g. PPE which as we hear in the media is “Personal Protection Equipment”. But to a developer or tester it refers to an environment for testing just before code goes live.

FAS is used a lot at NATO indicating a Functional Area Service - not to be confused with an unpleasant digestive condition (I will let you google that). Likewise, CSI to some people is a popular TV show based in Miami, whereas at NATO, it is something “completely different”. We hope this is helpful but if you have other questions about working at NATO or careers in IT/Cyber, please feel free to contact one of the team via our website

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