GardPass Cyber into 2020

Published by Neil
On 06-Jan-20
Bridge into 2020

New YEAR, new LOOK and lots of new VACANCIES across Europe (

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Return of the Sandworm

Even for those not old enough to remember the giant sand-surfing beast in the cult sci-fi movie “Dune” (with a cameo reappearance in the latest Star Wars blockbuster), I can recommend a book called “Sandworm” by Adam Greenberg. The “New York Review” explains the essence of the book which spans several decades (in near plain English) in their December 2019 article “Drums of Cyberwar”. It aroused the interest of my technophobe brother and has caused a few family discussions over the Christmas period.

In a time of presidential “chest thumping”, the distinction between the cyber and physical worlds is becoming increasingly blurred and this is having a marked effect on global politics in the “real world” today.


For those who like a bit more technical depth (excuse the jargon), I predict significant activity in the following areas during this year, but interested in any feedback:
Increased ransomware attacks
Challenges in securing cloud environments (as ever)
Evolution of phishing
Machine identity issues
And even election hacking.

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GardPass Cyber into 2020

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