[1654] Vocabulary Standardization

Clearance Required: National Secret (e.g. SC) or NATO Secret

Skills Knowledge Experience:
The consultancy support for this work requires as experienced data researcher or data modeler or AI and data processing experts with the following qualifications:
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience in the UML data modelling and in data structure analysis.
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience in the data processing and data exploitation.
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience in metadata and data definition standards
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience with the NATO messaging standards and with the concept of data element dictionary and NATO metadata.
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience in the redaction of white papers in documenting technical research.
- The candidate has experience in using word processor tools.
- The candidate is able to speak and write fluent English since the work is conducted in English
- The candidate has a NATO SECR3T security clearance, provided by the national security organization valid at the time of submission of the bid covering the period of the requirement.
- The candidate must have the nationality of one of the NATO nations.

Practical experience in the following areas is also desired:
- The candidate has relevant and recent experience in working with communication standards.

- Under the direction/guidance of a technical lead the researcher will complete and document a first screening of the available data modelling and data description NATO and commercial standards and frameworks identifying the analogy in the data vocabulary and metadata handling and the possible methodology to define consistent set of metadata across all the vocabularies to support the data element discoverability and re-usability.
- The contractor will work under NCI Agency contract. He or she will work on his premise as a member of the C2 Service Line under the supervision of the STF Technical Lead. There may be travel required to NCI Agency The Hague and other sites within NATO for system tests and observing exercises. Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the individual directly (outside this contract) under NATO rules.
- This consultancy support must be accomplished by one consultant. In the event the consultant leaves during the contract period, he or she shall be replaced by a new consultant who has the required qualifications and is acceptable. Normal NCI Agency Terms and Conditions apply

Jamie Myers